The Ten Condiments

Pope- I eat these at every meal!!

"And the Holy Gerbil gave unto Hacim a sacred twinkie wrapper. And the Holy Gerbil said unto him, 'Go out into the world and share the wisdom you find here'."

The Holy Sacred Gerbil: Blockhead 12:101

1.Thou shall have no fuzzy creatures before me.
2.Thou shall listen to "The Chipmunk Song" until the chinchillas come home.
3.Thou shall stick thy fingers in thy ears, and jump up and down while singing my praises.
4.Thou shall shelter at least one fuzzy creature in thy home.
5.Thou shall not microwave.
6.Thou shall spin in circles till you get sick and throws up.
7.Thou shall not speak the name "Bobo" unless you really want to.
8.Thou shall be as fuzzy as possible.
9.Thou shall stand on thy head and bark like a chicken.
10.Thou shall send much E-Mail to

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